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eXante, established in 2001, offered solutions to business owners, based on anticipated problems and needs, before they happened. From computer support to office networks, to websites, marketing and e-commerce. eXante changed the way Canadian business owners managed and grew their businesses.

For years, the focus was on websites and marketing. Back in the day, not everyone had a website and those who did, had no clue what would make one website perform better than another. They also had no idea how to promote their sites and get traffic. By harnessing the power of marketing and strategy and good business sense, instead of flashy graphics or copy-cat websites, eXante helped convince businesses that the web was a powerful marketing medium that could provide massive results. It took a lot of convincing!

Today, it’s 2021, and many things have changed. Exante offers a whole new suite of services with one major nuance, the focus isn’t just on problems and needs, it’s on expanding potential and possibilities!

eXante Opens for Business

Develops Internet Marketing Focus

Starts Coaching Business Owners

Partnering & Expansion into WebMarketing.ca

Welcome to eXante.ca

Toronto Consulting, Coaching & Training Firm Helps Local Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Professional Service Firms Solve Challenges While Expanding Potential & Possibilities

Welcome to eXante.ca Internet Marketing – thanks for visiting. Officially, eXante.ca is now WebMarketing.ca but we’re keeping the site intact (with some regular developments along the way) so please stay a while and learn how we will get you more clients & customers for your business using the internet! If you’re interested in internet marketing and web design services in the Greater Toronto Area, please visit WebMarketing.ca

If you’re searching for a web design company in Toronto, or an experienced business & internet marketing consultant (or coach) who is going to help you position your site in front of your ideal audience and help you build a steady and growing business, you’ve come to the right place. It is our sincere pleasure to help business owners get more leads, more clients and more satisfaction from their websites & internet marketing.

We hope to be a voice you can trust and depend on and also hope to be a helping hand in your success by providing you with services that will truly make a difference to you.

“By giving people a great experience on your website, a compelling, informative & engaging experience, they will reward you with their trust. When trust is earned, you can nearly always depend on their business.”

~ Guy Reichard, MBA, PCC
Life Coach Toronto

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Kind Words from Past Clients

I have no hesitation in recommending that anyone (wishing to grow a business in this competitive world) should seek the professional services of Guy Reichard at eXante.ca for search engine optimization, web design and internet marketing.
Mr. Shub

As a result, the whole mood to my site has a warm, inviting, friendly feeling.  I have had great positive feedback from customers who have felt connected to my product and my purpose. I recommend Guy and his skills completely.
S. Kroach

His business / marketing knowledge, coupled with excellent people skills (almost a paradox), puts him in a class by himself. If you’re looking for someone who knows how to take your business to the next level with an understanding of why it’s important, Guy’s your guy.
C Barlow

Time for a Change?

Please visit my new site to learn how heart-centered life coaching & resilience training helps people learn self regulation, thought management, stress reduction, mindfulness, emotional intelligence and much more. For our new coaching & consulting services, click below.