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Why We Stall or Procrastinate When We Know What To Do?

Some stall and procrastinate because they believe it’s safer, it’s easier. Procrastination is deeply rooted in fear actually. Some people spend more time worrying about what they have to do than actually doing it. Some people set really high standards for themselves and fear failing or being upset by their results if they don’t work out well. Is it better to not succeed because you didn’t try than to try and fail?

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Marketing With Passion: Do What You Love

“Do what you Love and the Money will Follow.”

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned, a lesson that only recently I have begun to follow is to do what we’re passionate about. In the early stages of life we’re taught all of life’s rules

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Website Improvement: Top 10 Tips

What’s the single most important factor or element on your website? I’ll get straight to the punch this time. No mystery. No smoke & mirrors. The words on your website are the most important element of your website. Period!

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