Passion, Marketing and Achieving a New Level of Success Online

“Do what you Love and  the Money will Follow.”

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned, a lesson that only recently I have begun to follow is to do what we’re passionate about. In the early stages of life we’re taught all of life’s rules and regulations from our parents and our teachers. When we would rather be out playing with friends, riding our bikes, going to the movies, reading comics or doing anything fun, we were told that we had to stop messing around and do our homework.

But imagine this, imagine our homework was as much fun as play time.

Now jump forward 20-30-40 years and imagine if your work was as much fun as play time when you were 8 years old.

I’m encouraging everyone here to do what you’re passionate about and not worry about the money – the money will come.

There’s a secret rule of the universe that our parents and teachers failed to mention to us. That is;

“When we’re passionate about things, and we put all our energy into them, when we give it all we’ve got, the world notices and somehow things start to fall into place almost like serendipity – like it was meant to be”

When we do what we’re passionate about – we’re fulfilling our life’s purpose.You’ll find your passion in what inspires you the most.

Whatever it may be, you can make a living doing it and at the same time, provide a service for others – I have no doubt about that. It’s happening for many as we speak.

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”

Now everybody reading this is wondering how their favorite pastime is going to pay their bills. How am I going to make succeed online? Well, you’re on this site for a reason – the most recognizable reason is that you want to start a web business or you want to improve your business by learning more about internet marketing. So let’s start there.

When you discover what you’re passionate about, you will find others who are passionate about the same things. I’m sure there are already many communities online who are discussing what you’re passionate about. This is the best place to start.

Don’t be disappointed if there are already others doing what you love – don’t think of them as competition – be happy that there’s a market out there who cares about the same things you do.

A word of advice, don’t try to find a product and then find the market to sell it in. It rarely ever works well doing things in that order unless you developed the product in response to a need by some market.

Here’s what I mean, find the market you’re passionate about and try to solve a problem they’ve been having (so you’re being in service to others) and try to come up with a solution for their problem. That’s how you’ll find the right product to sell.

This is your ideal target market – this is your niche.

Doing what your passionate about also gives you a much higher chance at success, because you’re going to love putting all your energy into everything you do. It’ll be fun. You’ll be willing to work hard because most of the time it will seem like play. You’ll have a sizeable advantage over anyone in your market without the same passion you do.

What did I mean above by instant success? I didn’t mean that you’ll make a million dollars in 5 minutes. This is important and maybe only some of you will get this – but I want all of you to try.

So many people are stuck living humdrum lives working 9-5 in a job they think has security. They have no passion in their work – rather they dread going in to work every single day.

What a boring monotonous life?

No offense to any of you who feel this way. I want to help.

When you do what you love and what you’re passionate about, you’ve just improved your quality of life and that is success (even if the money isn’t pouring in yet – but if will if you stick to it).

So try to find your passion and do what you love – you will be an instant success (with a lot of fun, enjoyable, profitable work to do that will not even seem like work).

Once you’ve found your inner passion – click here to learn how to find your ideal target market – your niche.